Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Plumbutter Test Procedure

Plumbutter Test Procedure

test kit: 2 bananas, one mp3 player into stereo-mini cord,
and another banana for the steam. 

deerhorn: it is traditional to choose a pitch relationship
and leave it for the whole piece,
to create a drone fro the listener.

red, white and purple bruised deerhorn.

gongue-check, end in bass on the deer.

avdog check

noise break- ultrasound to self-modulate.

rolls- this is going to be boring.

berlin snare at full

steam beats

hearing check- ultrasonic errors

ultra-steam is the subtlest, a stereo error field. 

media-processor: gongue
media-processor: avdog
media-processor: deerhorn

it is traditional to wait for silence,
then reach around and pull the plug.


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