Saturday, November 24, 2018

Increase Erectile Dysfunctional Weirdness

TEXT FISH NEWS is a social patch sharing platform like MASS SHNTH BOG. But it is also a tactic to avoid scams; only code conforming to the rules of fishiness may pass to the post. So you may be able to post spam textes such as (horn finger (dust (salt horse 2018))), if that means anything to your company.

An attempt at a spam-like patch

The rules of fishiness:
  • comments are a bare newline, or that begun with semi-colon ;with stuff in between
  • balanced expressions: fish () soup {} tank [] boat <>
  • guts are numbers or a magical word from the shlisp dictionary
What to do about spam? As an experimental technique in the future, we may incorporate spam into the opcode matrix philosophy, and such spammy expressions manifest:

;(increase erectile dysfuntional weirdness)

About Hacking

It's funny to me, I felt like I was hacking, but to a set, non-hacking result, a formal language definition. In Perl, I had to learn how to bless data as a class, to achieve polymorphic results. The parser is simply a regex:

while ($texte=~ /(\n|;[^\n]+\n)|([\{\(\[\<;])|([+\w-]+)|([\}\)\]\>;])/g)

So there is an interesting overlay of duck-typing, magical escaping, and OOP. My Javascript employs all the natural functions that already exist for drag and drop, so you could even edit it on the site before you upload it.

To this point I've created the shlisp opcodes in ARM assembly, coded command-line interpreter in c, programmed an editor uploader in C++, created sound games in SDL. Now, add to that list a dummy interpreter for the sake of editing in Javascript, and a dummy interpreter in Perl, for the sake of security against bots.

Comparison of same patch in editor and web