Monday, June 24, 2013

Cold Noodles: Deerhorn Organ

For sale: a limited amount of three section, deerhorn "organs".  I've been meaning to make this item available for a while now.  It has the ultra nice case and printed antennae, etched legend and banana plugs you see here.  12 volt DC power input for use with a 2.1mm, "tip positive" plug, and a stereo, 3.5mm output jack.  Played by moving hand in space above the antennae, tuning with knobs, and patching for modulations.  I have several videos of past deerhorn performances, plus you can imagine it if you have a plumbutter, for it is the same deerhorn that is had on that model.  BTW, new plumbutters will be coming out soon, in about a month.

A video of the deerhorn organ with modulations.

Youtube video of previous deerhorn model, which hung on the wall. This has builtin "piezo" speakers, so you must imagine that with a deep PA the organ can provide any bass sound as well as the highs.

Plumbutter, as I said, has one deerhorn in it, which you can hear in this video about in the middle, as the "drama" component of the drum machine.

The deerhorn organ has three deerhorns in it, so you can imagine it has many kinds of cross modulations available: using the "pulse output", the orange "CV output", and of course the audio outputs, to FM modulate other components.  So, if you have any questions, please email me.  I will try to get a video up of the organ itself soon.  It has a great sound and variety of tones, and of course great gestural control.  The plan is to sell these four pieces and investigate reselling later, but it's safe to say it is a limited edition and may be sold out soon.

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