Saturday, July 13, 2013

starts with PRISM

PRISM: Darpa's total information awareness, to make a massive, anamnesiacal data mine, also gave rise to Manning, who could easily surf agencies interconnects to accumulate a mass of leak material.  He is "manning the machine".  The unstoppable force of surveillance prods us to cast eyes on asia, where the people have been dealing with its forces.  In 80s China, a form of poetry called MengLong- vague and foggy- arose due to censors' frequent perusal of every and all literary magazines to search for explicit displays of anti-party sentiment.  MengLong was a way to create intel content that transcends the smeltable or of trad data mines.  In MengLong, dada and surrealism are the lingo, altho the teleological message may be political in intended receivers; the mass of surreal data is important to highlight PRISM- Darpa- Bush/Obama's essentially scatalogical mission with fluorescent thread.  How can you mine surrealism?  Can you melt down dreams and forge a sword? I recommend everyone practicing daily MengLong tweet, let's phill the prism with pataphysics!

On my son's 3rd birthday, we are faced with the terrible twos becoming worse as he faces his own ego, embraces it, becomes King, and generally wreaks havoc.  I'm not so sure it can be prevented, but in meditating on it, I wonder how things would be if the 3rd party was somehow austere, like a ceremony, with lessons about the self, zen koans, rather than candy and cake?

Fish, in English, like "deer" is a tube of paste rather than a countable thing.

Tom Cruise and his interface. A Utopian interface is a "screen" where all settings, data, or documents can be swiped, massaged with the greatest of ease.  He buys a box of cigs.  How does the utopian interface hold up to a mental map? I write this blog on hotel paper b/c it will be typed anyway, but some of the most important things I prefer to keep unwritten, unnotated, or unlisted.  I paint once in about every four years, if I have accumulated the materials for it, i.e. from art students' trashcans.  I've painted a volcano with animal ghosts fleeing it, a horseman's journey through fox-conifers, and with my son, an abstract cloud/mineral painting depicting our "mica walks", embedded with actual pieces of that rock. Back to the subject at hand: what is a dystopian interface, and i mean cybernetically? Well we won't try to answer that and only say that an interface, no matter how utopian, still cannot hold a candle to a mental map, a thought pattern that is well meditated.  So I prefer to focus on antedated or obsoleted interfaces: Macintosh OSNine, Csound on the command line, the idea of a beige blocky box, a la Corey Arcangel.  Line.  These leave space for the mind to flourish without being completely sapped by interface.  The Shnth as beige blocky box.  Here, beige is made out of sycamore. It is a purely sonic interface, without visuals. It is touched and squished and these gestures change the sound. What visuals are had on host, consist of a tube of fish.

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  1. Fish is a tube of paste what does that mean? The plural of Fish is "Fish".. The plural of Deer is "Deer". They are this grammatical form that suggests loss of the individual and sublimation to a stream of urFisch data.