Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideal babyproofed Micro-Cottage @ Shack in the back

Hi, due to baby's needs we moved in to a nice neighborhood near the Baltimore Museum of Art and Dizzy Izzy's.

The back yard is long, past the grill and the bonsai'd maple, there is a small building:

A shack in the back, that was home to cricket poop and cockroach egg-purses, with a cistern and compost:

I fixed up the door and put a lock on it:

Inside, I said to myself, now I am gonna take advantage of this occasion to create the ideal micro-cottage, with just the right features and nothing more, for my blog. you see, actions are much more important than words:

So I went to Ikea and bought some LED strip lighting specifically for a circuit-man's special nook near his lap, it is illuminating my gears, pliers, probes, and screw-drivers. Up top: soldering iron, a "scraps plate" and ventilation fan:

Ample shelving for Oscilloscope, parts bins, power strip, mixer, and instrument storage. TODO: my father's stereo will go on the instrument shelf, for the house needs a PA!

Did I say this shack is baby proofed? On low, a blackboard and chalk for lessons in the shack. Extra chairs for visitors, like my friend Jorge, or Carson, or Twig:

Here is more hospitality to visitors, and me alike. Several work-tables, lined up, a power source, amplifier, and ground cord which goes up, to the Garage Door Track, which seems 2 B grounded.

Self portrait with clamshell macintosh in front of the workstation:

In honor of my favorite art moving company, I used part of their crate, salvaged from BMA dumpster as part of the Franz West post-exhibition, to construct the faceplate of this "delta bonsai" drill press stand:

View out the back, with m'truck there:

With garage door closed, one can see the "akari lights" put there to dazzle a baby that is tossed in the air.

The landlords of this property had put a climbing wall back in this shack, and said to me that i could dismantle it. I kept some of the pulling points for exercise, but this wonderful meta-structure provided for interesting shelving options:

The face of the climbing walls were moved into the yard, and mulched beneath, to make a baby climbing practice wall!:

Here's a dandy combination: the Sidrazzi Organ, in black sac purse, plus the newest Cocostuber in the red bag, ready to gig:

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  1. The digital jukebox means that anybody can play pretty much whatever they want, sometimes with hilarious results... be prepared for anything from Boyz II Men to Minor Threat. HELLO PETER! IM VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE!! MISSED YOU IN ONE APPROACH BUT THE TRANSMATERIAL IS WORKING!!!!!