Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Name for Wabi-Sabi: Dizzy Izzy

when i was a pre-teen, in pre-teen sunday school in the church basement, I had a benevolent lutheran younger mustachioed pastor, named Pastor Luke (bad sentence for too many adjectives). I have always associated him with gentleness and kindness, like a buddhist who travels the middle road. I never asked the question i always wanted to ask, "what is hell like for a modern person?".. I meant could it possibly baroque, gothic, or medieval, with flames and devils? or could it be something more sinister, like being confined to one room, any room, forever!?

yes, i tried to imagine what it would be like to be confined to that sunday school room in the basement of the church, forever, with only some sunday school materials, cartoons, parables, and plain pink plastic chairs around a formica conference table, FOREVER.

i imagined spending a thousand years on one page of a kids songbook, memorizing every strand of wood cellulose in its paper. (yes, and i have read Borges).

or looking at a cracked floor tile for eternity. or a cracked ceiling tile.

i realized, what makes hell heavenous? its all the entropy that you notice, and find pleasure in studying. being confined in a church basement would become pleasurable with the wabi-sabi, or shall i say Dizzy Izzy of it all!

this is why my "system" does not involve measuring often (to the consternation of "m'friends", when i choose to draw a chalk line by eye to the line of the mortar in the wall.

"a castle is built with every wall as two, an inner and an outer. in the interstitial space, there is rubble buried by the mason men, and sometimes bodies are buried there, brought about by sinister political murderings. these "bodies in the walls" are covered in folklore of the castle period, as ghost, or "spirits within the stone and mortar""

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