Thursday, May 13, 2010

Open Letter to U.S. Navy

Do you know what's the best thing to do when you're stressed? Ground yourself. Go on a walk in the park, sit in meditation on a cool basement floor. Two good ways to get the bad energy, negativity, and cynicism out. Now, some people think this helps because it gives you more cool air, which is true, indeed; a hot head with many thoughts needs aircond.

But something aircond doesn't do is give your body a way to let the other energies besides heat out. This is where the ground comes in. Basically anything on the E-M spectrum below microwave gets "sinked" down into ground. This includes radio, ultrasonic electronic, audio, and theta waves. These are all nullified by our ground.

Think of World War II. People think of how submariners lived on those tiny ships, with lots of stress, millions of pounds of water pushing in on them. How did they get through it? Metal decking. You see- the metal of the ship, and the salty bathybaric water all are connected to ground, they are one big relief of the thoughts. Actually submarine captains were known to be especially coolheaded. You had to be.

Nowadays, think of where most of the decisions are made. On the computer deck. And I'll bet that nowadays the computer deck has a wooden subfloor, all insulating you from the primitive, powerful ground that runs through the hull. The consequence: unrelieved theta wave activity, dissonance.

And everyone knows that fibreglass boaters are extremely hotheaded.

We have this wonderful history of Avant-Garde music, which has shown us the beauty of cymatic sound. This is best heard on a "untuned" bell, or piece of scrap metal, where there is a cacophony of many inharmonic partials. Today, musicians use scrap metal in their rigs, because our ears have opened to the possibilities of these tones. Now we know there's nothing wrong with the sound of metal structures.

But if there is a specific, targeted, need for silence, say on a stealth or swift boat, there are systematic changes we can make to make our stealth captains more coolheaded, since they need to be the "007" elements. We would make them barefooted. Now, your thinking, that would look funny, Captain standing there with all his military regalia on, but barefooted! Well, the answer is, he doesn't wear military regalia. He, or she, wears a Dobok (道服), or martial arts uniform.

The asian tradition designed these uniforms for the bare-footed, or litely slippered masters, to practice full-body co-ordination, by including the foot in the list of articulate limbs. Contrast this to the naval-boot, as hard as possible, the toes are not used at all! On today's boats, skippers hardly do the dangerous things they used to do: caulking seams, cutting rope, hauling masts, sewing yard-cloth. In fact a bare-footed captain would be an advantage nowadays, since he has control of stealth on-boat.

When he controls stealth on-boat, he controls stealth off-boat.

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