Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Fabric Poem

a mission fabric

where inputs from machines, people, video streams, newsfeeds, sensors, cognitive agents, and social networking

fusing voice, video, location, and social networking assets,

harnesses the power of the collective

attempted to bridge

replacing centralized (or star) hierarchies with decentralized star networks

siloed or stove-piped system

application-oriented networking


data, voice, and video

evolution of the network from stove-piped systems to a virtualized and integrated network.

nodes on the network—data, machines, objects, and people

White Paper: Anticipating “Rare Events”

self-configuring, -managing, and -healing.

mobile ad hoc network (MANET).

distributed nodes
self-sufficient network resource: a transmitter, receiver, relay,
mobile nature of MANETs
MANETs are normally decentralized
peer-to-peer basis
By applying this feedback
router floods information

Figure 4. Router Flooding Protocol Effects

Adherence to standard DoD IPV6 naming conventions will be essential.
Deep Packet Inspection.
Most importantly, senior leaders also have the ability to modulate this distributed control throughout the fabric.

Senior leaders and tactical commanders can distribute and modulate control within the nodes (using advanced routers) of the mission fabric.

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