Thursday, October 4, 2012

What is Dark Energy/Matter

Often it is said, it can't happen without quantum physics, and it is true.  Without the stochastic interaction of "normalized" phorms of matter, we would live in a universe of continuously changing, shapeless forms, based on no common resonance vis a vis relabi.

That is what Dark Matter is, when energy becomes so diffuse in the interstitial realms between, little demons jump out of the void because they have no frame of reference.  You cannot touch Dark Matter, because in so doing you would give it a frame of reference, and "pull it into" our world of quantized energy.

People think, it's quantized, oh it's all harmonics like playing the dijeridu.  But that's the opposite of what quantum means. 

An oscillator in the emptiness of space can run at any random frequency, irrational, uninfluenced by and irrespectful of any others.  It is our earthly ensembles of particles, that act like a huge analog synthesizer on full crossmodulation mode.  You can listen to chaos in noise music, and hear how particles interacting makes "probability smudges" of frequency bands.

It is these smudges that allow the atoms in our bodies to absorb the sunlight.  Without smudged resonances, light would pass through us because it would ALWAYS be the wrong frequency.  Think of a minimal performance on sine tone generator and how that plays with your sense of pitch.

So you see Dark Matter can't be seen because it is too abstruse, always too exotic.  It has a Hamiltonian of finite and arbitrary dimensions.  Any piece of earthly matter, even just an atom, has an infinite Hamiltonian because it is here, not nowhere.  An infinite Hamiltonian, in statistical mechanics, actually becomes very predictable, very pragmatic, in its own "white noise nature".

In physics there is a jewel, as Feynman called it.  You see sine waves and cosine waves are really too synthesized, these ideas of perfect circles and such.  The Fourier transform is cold and sterile as Platonic trigonometry.  Everything in our world is actually always modulated by everything else.  The jewel is Euler's formula, which yields you the reality of oscillations by giving both a real position, and an imaginary phase.  But it is the natural exponent on the left-hand side of the equation that allows infinite series of differential permutations to unfold; this allows modulation to be the currency and flow of matter:
e^{ix} = \cos x + i\sin x \

This and the speed of light and Planck's constant, are the primordial bases of physics.  There is nothing else to constrain energy@matter without a "world", so it spins off and light passes right through it because it is irrelevant.  It is dark and cold.

The best examples of cross modulated synthesizers only need two oscillators to achieve wide swaths of probability distribution, like the Benjolin.  The Fourses uses four oscillators that bounce off of each other covalently.  Like a carbon atom, where the electrons cluster in spectral clouds, the tones are beyond Fourier analysis.  We put our ghosts inside the atom at home, but in the depths of space, ghosts are out in the open, like monads, purely tonal, purely noodle.  They long to touch us and become normal matter again.


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