Saturday, June 13, 2020

Proposal for KORG

  • To design two KORE chips, KORE (AR+TRI/SAW/SQU+VCA), and KORF (ADSR+RESOFILT), and solidify 1vo on them. I believe this has become a low-hanging fruit. The silicon economy is ripe for artisanal chips; you could vend them on Mouser, enhancing your DIY image and also generating lateral revenue. I’m excited to hear that you’ve acquired Arp; its elegant engineering can be blended in to make the chips with the simplest epitaxial transistors. I am inspired by 20th century chips like LM13700; surely it’s time to consolidate the best of analog synthesis into two useful packages. In fact, Korg actually employed monolithic CEM chips back in the 70s.
  • Optioning Islamic (neutral) intervals is the greatest need of a 21st century, instrument of peace. Casio did this with its AT3 keyboard for localized “oriental” sales, but I seek to design an instrument with global intentions, that reflects our world's diversity. Adding 5 red keys to the 12 tone octave affords microtonality, but it also offers articulations within the twelve tones, such as timbral accent or musical macros. Extra keys have been added to organs since medieval times. To me, this is also a “secretly new low-hanging fruit,” not only adding tuning detail, but inspiring any kind of functionality, accessed by a programmable nexus on the keyboard controller.
With these two “recycled innovations,” i can implement a scaled line of instruments from tiny toucher to analog front-ended polyphonic workstation. Because they are unique keyboards by a prestigious company, everyone would want one. From my work in solar powered synthesizers and organic materials, you can tell I think about sustainability, but I also think about music’s role in world peace. Your mission speaks about important new instruments. This is what I offer to you.

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  1. Diversity is the sound of my life.
    The red keys are nice additions.
    Red like blood that transports energy from one place to the next...