Monday, January 5, 2015

Cort/Cork part 2: Seeking Shards of Quartz

 Seek low hanging fruit.
Here's how to do it:
seek the shard of quartz
a boy embedded years ago
in the bark of the crotch 
 of the trunk.

It's at eye level but you
 must dig through moss
 and worms to get there.

A sampler has a sampling
 rate; that is its DSP nature.
There are other natures
 to the microcontroller:
spaghetticode (I like to eat noodles),
asynchronous peripherals-
 how can you leverage
 a touchscreen for its sound? 
What is the digital emulation
 of capacitance (IRLnode)?

old prototype oval machine
Here's a challenge: take this gutted oval machine that once accomplished analog madness and install a digital device inside that tries to do the same. Immediately there are two features, the nodes and the nobs. The nobs we will get to, but the nodes are the primary concern. How to make autonomous nodes that when connected by flesh or wire to others, act as a web of rewirings? Reminds me of Gartnerspeak: nexus-of-forces, internet-of-things, web-of-rewirings.

As Dave Jones would say, keep your mind open when it comes to Microcontrollers, and avoid fanboys. I have been, and i can safely say that this corkfield will represent multiple industrial partners, including STM and Microchip. There are many reasons, that I will explore later, for my adherence to Microchip. First and foremost, they are a historical generator of 8bit chips, which are cute, and that assembly language is totemic in its cultural capital. Second, they have low breakpoints for a chip with DAC, quite a rara avis. Third, I have extensively researched the programming routines of various chips, and found the PIC ICSP (in circuit serial programming) most robust for this kind of nodal, code-as-material application. Finally, they claim to have a large market share, as evidenced in the following presentation page (note that Renesas AFAIC is only for automobiles and has no low-point DAC):

8bit microshares


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