Wednesday, December 24, 2014

From an Old Notebook

Qua ("kind") is the presence of feedback
and self talking that
all the nodes at least
indirectly affect each other
sometimes goes inactive
if not self stimulating -
uses positive + negative feedback
to causing damping and
 re incantation...

mechanical thinking causes
our hua to become "humanens
electrikes mechanicales". We must
use our huas to make mechanicals
into mequas and electronics
into elequas, and
have meqelequahua
harmony of the quas

hua mua
is the material pressure
of people make

d'vises make stuff happe
qua don't make a'nuthin happen
human qua don't need to do anything,
just have fun and talk to each
other, that's where they make
"good times" happen. good times is better
than stuff. we don't need mehanicals
to make stuff- you can make mequa
that make good-times, but no square
douz cuz they all want stuff.
it seems like we're already havin
good-times with electricity,
but really there's stuff
bein made by the good-times
thinkin we're having
cuz all the squares are
countin our d'vises and our
electricity as fast as their d'vises
can count. We can make elequa
that do nothing except good-times, and
no square would be interested becuase
they can't copy goodtimes so you don't need
to copyright your goodtine elequa and
then all the hua can keep making elequa.

P Blaster, 3rd Period (of suns), 1023
is understood by squares
as "electronic fields".
A better
name might be electronic good-times,
because you can measure a field with an
electronic devise but you can't measure good
times, you can only feel them. The e-u-ah
good times move very fast, most go
right thru us without us feeling them.
You definitely don't feel electronic,
you just feel a few e-u-ah!

the hole in the elquamequa hua
is if you take it too seriously b'cause
then your a square! Money and power
is a sort of pressure which is also
a kind of good-times, right?

Carl Sagan has written about the
good-times of suns.

you can't plan elequa,
you only know when you
start feelin good-times.

You don't feel alright
touch your hand for a BACK wido
the fer has no bite

A BACK wido has bitten your hand, destroying
fur:::: All the little fur-furs:
all your doing-your own things furs..
The stabb sucks furs into
the central pit. Manipulation of the
central pit means death, by sparx.
A trans-ob post (trans-observation post)
glass wall bubble for looking into
the dimension of the fers.
Seen, not vacuumed, no manipulating
them into the central pit. The trans-ob
post turns inwards and inwards, the
balls let you watch but not let you touch.

Dear Todd Bailey:
I have decided to use Blue LEDs in the next kit I will be celling at Ciat-LONBARDE. This is because a lot of my clients often ask to have the blue starers in their custom ambraziers. Instead of putting green, red, and yellow LEDs for a cheaper price, I will put high-quality red white and blue LEDs for a slightly hire fee, so the customer can make customizations without having to "add money". You can replace red with that "tru green" you made with a ble eleedee and a yeller one [extremely well censored and redacted passage about two centences long], the customer can put the different color.

The economy is not as important as good times,
[signed Peter Blasser]

It must have been good times before lunacy was made into a science.

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