Monday, April 8, 2013

conversation with the ancients...

my son was struck by a "car" yesterday.
i saw a distant boat from the hospital window, a glint in the bay,
as the smog crept in this spring day.

we use this power source, oil, which was wished
2 b abiotic; confer with the ancient soviet theories.
it sheathes our coaches in metal, and there is a
cult of "motorcyclists" who gather at the spring bar.

the cult worships the slicer and dicer.
it is hard to leave this oil source,
and some of us wish doomsday by burning it faster.

A Doctor of Quantum Interpretations:
Due to recent probing of plasma physics in the international tokamak reactor effort, a need to understand the whirlpools of states that exist in the crucible, will enable humans to generate energy from energy, a lever that can multiply solar and wind options.  So, the aesthetic and sonic interpretations of the abstruse oscillations in the magnetic fusion reactor can enable researchers to brainstorm leverages of the quantum math.  And an unexpectedly proud byproduct of this power source: adjacent to the tokamak facility, with its rays of solar panels, a gaily painted building that contains tanks of helium and many colored balloons for little boys and girls.

How to transmit power globally?  
  • One is through the import/export of computer music chips, by which i mean any data processing that is useful in the chaos/noise gestalt.  For companies in Mauritius, the new fleet of solarsailer yachts is a viable alternative to oil powered freighters.  Sailing is important anyway, because as M.J. said, it "takes us away".
  • The other is, of course, a new look into Tesla's characterization of the macro "vibrational" states of the planet earth, towards a lever that can exploit "wireless power transmission".  Save copper for jewelry.  Understand the earth is a living synthesizer.  Like a synthesizer is a "body," there is an "electronic doctor".

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