Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Bit Note to Current Customers

A Note to Current Customers:
Due to a sudden spike in banana attractiveness, the workbench has been filled to the brim with pieces.  Currently I have finished all the cases, in wood and plum colored ink.  Thanks to everyone who ordered this contiguous batch, and I respect your pioneering spirit in synthesis.  So I will make sure in the next step, to voice all the instruments well, as I install the circuit boards.  Remember, I'm just one man here.  For the consistency of the instruments, I do them in batches.  Voicing them means, in this first batch, to fine tune the capacitors to the right range.  Imagine what this would sound like if these were all running at once!  Well, I leave that to your capable hands to beat the drums, and impeach upon you to have patience with me as I finish your instruments.  Has it been two and a half weeks yet?  I don't know but I will cover all of you in a timely manner. 

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