Monday, May 21, 2012

Seeking Burgundy Light

A typical dream- trying to order Burgundy LEDs on, and finding none; thus thinking inductively, I posit that a church must have such colors in its inventory (for simulating and highlighting wine, mellow spirits of peace, candle light, and other blood ceremonies), and track down a church in Rhode Island.  There it is found that I own the crawlspace above the altar (which has been removed now the church is Unitarian and teenagers have their Friday night garage bands there.  Liking this safe crawlspace, I decide to make burgundy instruments there, but lo it is morning and the shafts of light have penetrated the cloister, and the birds are making a great noise- i must turn back to my Mouser order, and its red, "dim orange", and blue LEDs of the lower sphere, the realm of concrete and aesphalt and steel.

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