Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is the point

Cowboys will ask me, now, what is the point of all this oscillator business, saying it like "bid-ness".

I will say then, that it is me, searching for something that makes a rhythm, a rhythm that changes, instead of sticking to the same old same old.

Serge does it with modulations all over the place.
Buchla does it with source of uncertainty.
Benjolin does it with the rungler.
Sidrazzi does it with a chaos nob, CocoQuantus too.

The Roolz Rhythm oscillators (it is a drum machine) should make some sort of relabi, real easy. For that reference, read John Berndt's texte, Relabi, the self erasing pulse.

Trick is, there are many ways to achieve Relabi. A blunt approach is "send random voltages into a VCO". The Sidrazzi (and John's way too) is to make a ring of intermodulating oscillators, approaching chaos, which is different from random. Also known as recursive torque.

The Roolz did do this, a while back, with one transistor per oscillator! With voltage control, though, there are wrenches thrown into the recursion...

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