Saturday, February 25, 2012

Relaxation Oscillator

Thinking of the rolz-patterns. They are made up of multivibrators, with extra stages 3 or more, 3 being mentioned in "Oscillators", a book by Delton T Horn, as an exotic waveform. I explored it in "Pretty Papers" in LMT, and found it is exotic because it is a paradox spyral. It works very well and with voltage control produces a wide range of unexpected results.

Trying to preserve the original spontaneity of connections in Rolz, but adding voltage control for each roll. Now again hitting up 4QD-TEC iconoclastic article on PUJT, and their snappy Schmidtt abilities. But a relaxation oscillator is a different backbone than a multi-vibrator oscillator. Is there a gray-zone between the two composed of mixtures?

Think of your own relaxation oscillator: hard work produces "product", followed by a snappy, hoppy beer. A multi-vibrator is more like the sun and the moon, crescent low in the clear night, the luminous cities illuminating its orb. The multivibrator was made up of cells that do not oscillate on their own, normal sensors. The heart's cells oscillate even when there's only one.

Currently I have three drawings on this table:
  1. A compound of PUJT relaxation oscillators, in a larger form like a multi-vibrator.
  2. A multi-vibrator made up of enhancement-type MOSFETS. The goal/gaol is to have a sort of loop of sense-units that only provide negative feedback, so there is a sort of built-in undefined behaviour. This goal is a gaol because it may be a never-ending quest.
  3. A simple 4000 series schmidtt trigger, a diode, cap, res, in the classic sawtooth jelly bean config.

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