Friday, November 25, 2011

Interview with Pastor Marc___ius

There is a church behind my mom's house that I use th'grounds of consistently, where wild fox roams in vast woods, a swampland, even deer there, many crunchy oak-acorns on the grounds which phat squirrels eat. A neighborhood boy, his eagle scout project to import fine pebbles to make a labyrynth spyral there in the woods. Quite fine grounds. One day a pastor there approached me.

Hi, I would like to donate twenty dollars to your church for I find the grounds quite useable and i think the spirituality contain'd within is thus important for perpetuity.

But do you wish to worship here?
Well first, my county is not of here, my lord, but in Lord Baltimore, chancellor of Marlyland State of America. I do though wish to come to your services and hear fine organ music issuing from the leaden pipes and fine hardwood chests. Also I appreciate singing diatonic music as a congregation, and some of my favorite "feelgood" moments as a kid are of a fine christmas service where all turkey-fed brethren are bellowing hymns, perhaps in a cathedral, with the trumpets and gemshorns echoing in the back as the heat of the spirituality bends their sound around.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
I have learned his teachings and am confirmed in the Lutheran church. Martin Luther was for "common sense" in spirituality. Philip K Dick was for the common sense that we all are a piece of God.

Do you believe in God?
Not in a personal one and i don't see any reason for an "impersonal one". There is also the 20th century "common sense" of Star Trek, where gods, God, are either at the rim of the galaxy in a band of pure energy, or that they are an ancient alien race, the Seeders, who once gave us our form, thus we come back around and essentially you CAN believe in a personal god. Or "personality gods", whom "Kirk" walks with. Thus i do believe in Ourobouros, the snake that bites it own tail. I must say though, again I do appreciate this here church, and its grounds are very zen-like, a reflection of the purity of Virginia, where Cardinals were playing in the Hollies early this morning on a frosty walk.

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