Friday, June 17, 2011

Kiri Name

The name for my son, Kiri, is written on the purple party bag for a reason- it is the color of the blossoms of the Pawlonia tree, which is what my son is named for. How I got the calligraphy on the bag is an industry secret of mine, but let me tell you it takes a lot of work.

Let me tell you real quick a story that occurred at Punjabi Halal Market on 33rd St, Balt. My friend AVAM there, he likes my son Kiri whenever I bring him in to shop, and he gives him mango and bananas as a treat. When he first heard his name, he told me, "I have taken a picture of Kiri, no I have it here, let me show you!" He pulled out of his brother's wallet a picture of a pretty Pakistani baby. I always somehow knew that the Japanese name Kiri would also be proudly used in the mountains of the Mid East. A father calls his son, "Kiri!".

AVAM later told me that his brother in New Jersey, his wife is Japanese and Kiri is named after a tree. Great to hear that Pakistani are mixing with Japanese. I think Kiri is a pretty name for pretty babies.

I asked AVAM, when can I meet Kiri, oh he's in New Jersey. Check out the track "Desert Rose" by Sejayno, from the new record, I95. It's on the new "unofficial fanpage" of the band, that I just finished, using GoogleFonts! In the back of the Punjabi Market, is a butcher. Sometimes I can score really good goat meat if he is in a good mood. His mood is enhanced by the presence of EJAZZ, who is related to AVAM I presume, but I see less and less of EJAZZ these days.

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