Friday, March 11, 2011

Ye Conservatory Aesthetic

Today's lesson is on the Aesthetic of the Conservatory, and how it spills out into the "towne" vernacular.

Beethoven's Bagels, caters explicitly to those seeking music degrees. Go, go, go

Their menu includes "moonlight sonata", and "fur elise bagel w/ lox". ha ha ha.

A shrine to Jazz, in the new "Kohl" Jazz Building, Oberlin Conservatory.

Now we jump to the warm setting of Brewsters, where 'bonists get tipsy and eventually, upside-down.

Flute and Oberlin Poster

I like this photo, how the Violin is in reverse on the poster.

Back up, a warm booth with paper streamers, suggesting festivity.

Some can sit in the "brass booth" for a more jazzy experience.

Anyway, here is m'student Ben Bacon in m'chambre, playing "Wavy Gravy Pear Shaped Lute". He dreamt, of a brand of home goods, by the Conservatory of Music, called "CON".

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