Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Max/MSP Particle Wave Duality

This article begins as a proposal submitted to B.B. of Cycling 74, a proposal to make Max objects rotate to non horizontal angles. This comes from my experience designing analog circuits on a physical surface, wherein I am able to rotate my objects- chips, transistors, resistors- in any direction thus allowing woven circular feedback routes.

Said circular modulation can be modeled in max, but it doesn't look as cool:

Here's how I would do it, this is a hand drawing:

Now, the fun part, is that you see the two different kinds of patch cords: braided and plain line? Well, braided means it is a MSP signal, i.e. a waveform. Plain lines conduct Max events, i.e. particles. So we are talking about Particle Wave Duality, one of the keystones of quantum physics. Note how this max patch looks a little bit like a Feynmann diagram, especially in the middle with the speaker symbols. This loop converts ("measures" the waveform) into particles, and then back again, leveraging the simulacron difference tone of the computer program itself.

Cheerio, PB

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