Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xcode Objective-C and C++ Nib-work

Programming for Macintosh, coming from WindProc POV. You use Xcode, which neatly harnesses the power of gcc to create very tyte machine-code, and also it seems the Mac camp has desired to use the metaphysical/dynamical capabilities of interpreted byte-code, known as "obective-c" which looks like Smalltalk but kindof runs like Jave, sometimes slow.

My goal is to take a windows program such as Justints, at shbobo, and make it into a macintosh program, and stick close to the core, using Just Ints as said in the title. So the main "original code" chunk should be c++, and perhaps the system interfaces can be this new "objective-c" byte-code. It must have HID input, as well as raw sound output, and of course, core graphics- draw rectangle, move to point, line to point. Well that can be gotten from Quartz, which is accessible in Cocoa, and in Carbon (!?!). HID and sound should be pretty easy too, although I may need to think outside the "WindProc" about messaging, especially since it is all kindof java-esque semaphoric/ capable of transgender.

One automatic thing the radical/anarchist programmer will want to do is to write a program completely from text. This is so empowering, and it enables you to create your interface from poof of data rather than being guided through a narrow hallway that is known as "Interface Builder". "Interface Builder" is a program within Xcode to create your GUI in a drag n' drop way. Unfortunately for the programmatic thinkers. They want to have a program draw itself dynamically, and not according to some "aqua guidelines" intended for making restaurant apps. Not that restaurant apps are bad.

Anyway programmatic thinkers are usually told in forums "on the macintosh, it is as 'when in Rome'". U must use objective-c and aqua guidelines. Cocoa is better than Carbon, I hear. Actually, the definition of Xcode says that you can use c++ at the same time as objective-c and they won't really even get in each other's namespace. Useful for creating really fast DSP code in c++, with no worries about some erratic garbage-collector/thinker. Well, following is a link dump of blogger about the grail of linux dorks, and me too, perhaps a windows dork; getting rid of those goddam resource files and nib files, a program should describe its own window in texte!: part-2 part-5-no-3/
part-6-working-without-a-xib/ part-7-the-empire-strikes-back/

These codes are to create windows and view programmatically, enabling people who think of programs as "hanafuda cards" vis a vis nintendo 1889, to operate in their world of 2d painting, this time on "quartz" hyper-cards.

Apparently Steve Jobs said that at Apple they don't restrict themselves to "Aqua Guidelines". Good job, contacting this blogger and incorporating his dissent into your aesthetos. In fact, the definition of NSWindows in "Interface Builder" warns, "it is useful to drag a window here, but some may desire programmatic [i.e. via texte and not WYSWYG GUI] control of windowing".

Written after two Christmas parties. Here is a poem about Christmas 2010 cable TV:
man, woman, wilde
UFO hunters (dude looks like Stu)
Ancient Aliens 24 Hours
Brad Meltzer's decoded
Dual Survival- hippy/military dialectic to survivalism
Bear Grylls man vs wilde
Dirty Jobs/Deadly Catch/Swamp Loggers
American Loggers/Ice Road Loggers-India

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