Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ternary computing, poetics

thomas fowler, wooden computer, ternary

the setun, russian computer of "50s"
ternary- a balance that includes null.
ternary computing.
flip flap flop

In my work programming "JUSTINTS" for shbobo, I have intuitively developed a set of state variables in a ternary arrangement. This means a "kingal mode" for example can be positive, zero, or negative. Positive makes it modulate the numerator, negative the denominator, and zero not at all of course.

In my thoughts I would like to make an organization post-MoveOn, and this web-org is called voternary.org. It is a place to research how people vote binary, and how it would be different if we could vote balanced like ternary. For example, people who vote for Nader could say:
Obama 0
Nader 1
Palin -1
thus still preventing Palin but being neutral to Obama, if they think he has sold out to the Banks.

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