Monday, November 1, 2010

Geography of London, powdered data

When I think of my designs, or my computer programs,
I think sometimes of the geography of London,
inn muddy 9th century, and more importantly,
in the 19th century, with its modern veins and arteries
of people, money, goods, water, gas, telegraphs, church bells.

and yet the odd angles, following the Thames or the whim
of an ancient mythology.
programming a law, in various ministerial buildings,

pontificating, yet ruminating of
the psychogeography of bricks, urban exploring,
various pubs where legal opinions can be
discussed over ale and wood paneling.

i approach the barre,
a barrister,
a powdered wig
the powdered man
powdered data
steam powered,
powder powered
legal decisiones
powered data
powdered android
starship whig


  1. ya i knew you would like that "ceremonies ... data ... powder" bit.

  2. Another way to think about this multiplicity is 19th century London legal and business society. This was the first super-dense city, buildings were built on top of each other, on top of bridges, where there were many different companies for basic things like water or sewer, where the house of lords carried on ancient masonic ways while the river-side merchants leveraged out a new "modern" and metropolitan culture. Many people were suffering, but basically it worked as an experiment in co-existance. I try to make all my data have such co-existance.


    when i think of my data,
    sprawl'd continents of computer,
    beige and jelly macintosh blue,
    and sleek windows, obsidian, Verdana.

    I move my fleet when a starship
    is wiped out, piecemeal, like the rebels,
    with hospital ships

    when i think of my data, its patchwork
    organization, i think of 19th century london,
    legal intricacies of the first super-dense
    powdered whigs and ceremonies,
    monies and companies.

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