Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quick note on meta-technology

Attended a few minutes of Henry Flynt's lecture at the Red Room, before taking my son back to watch black and white mickey mouse.

About meta-technology. An idea, if it's good enough, can spread faster than any material known, being known by only thought and lightwaves makes ideas much more powerful than physics, chemistry, and botany combined. Even better than mathematics.

The problem with mathematics is sublimation. It sublimes every paradox it comes across, integrating it but also warning against it. Irrational numbers, for example.

Related topic, of course, is meta-materials, however, meta-materials build on top of material, while meta-technology can transcend material. For example, any internet meme that has caused virtual traffic jams.

My friend Melissa Moore has started a company which I think epitomizes meta-technology. Nikuu makes lamps. When I asked Melissa, do you use wood or metal or plastic, she said "well, it's complicated"... Observe and understand that she crafts in ideas, and the lamp is an ephemera of the idea. This is the ideal state for the artist in a global economy, for, the idea can be "border-less propulsion" and the lamp can be a token of wealth.

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