Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm at an apartment complex called "Life Tower", Tokyo. It overhangs the Asahi complex, consisting of a golden perspex rect-struct which is their corporate headquarters, as well as this organic, matching horn-structure which is the Asahi restaurant.

Philip Stark designed this horn-blob-structure on top of the restaurant for two obvious goals.
  1. To project a deerhorn invisible field out from the exterior into the psycho-geography of Tokyo, and by aligning it with the Samida River, "blowing" this resonance into the downtown district.
  2. To create an organic inner-space, which I imagine higher-crust patrons of the restaurant can visit, perhaps to have a sort of whipped Asahi head fluff after-dinner cocktail.
Thus the deerhorn-blob creates both an "inner attic wind space" as well as an exterior one. This structure has penetrated into my jet-lagged slumber ideas. It brings up "what is the sound of such a piece?".
  1. There is the actual echoes that are immanent to the interior space, when you visit it and perhaps clap your hands, or your newborn makes a coo, and all this reverberates over your beer-head-fluff.
  2. Then there is the sound of the designer's computer program used to implement the meta-structure as an organic mesh of triangles. These triangle spaces can also be read as triangle waves, which lenser out in tumorous appendages as well as petering out to a fine tip. Gehry, Stark, all these super-star (?super-stark?) designers had to specify the steel structure (in the form of computer data) that holds their organic skins up. This is a tesselation, an articulation, and it has a haptic rhythm too.


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