Monday, August 2, 2010

Dolphinic Dolphins

A dream had. Again, about "other" animals' quest for consciousness, empowerment. Refer to several books (fiction), about an apes telling a man (telepathically) about humans preventing animals from self-fulfillment, also same plot but with dolphins.

You see, we deforest the apes habitat, mine beneath their buttes. We run sonar in the oceans that totally wipes out the dolphins' communication, destroying their communities, ripping the backs of manatees with boat-blades.

The traditional argument is that man was meant to rule over the planet forever (bible)

The contemporary argument is that some animals are trying, moving towards becoming human, in intelligence, empathy, self-awareness.

The dream had showed me that dolphins will not become like humans in these brain-things. They are not becoming human, but dolphinic. Dolphinic is the mental growth of dolphins, which is different from our mental-bloomings...

A koan, delivered by the elder pastor at Prince of Peace lutheran church (when I was a kid):
"Jesus was 100% man and 100% god"///
//I did not understand this when i was small, thinking percentage indicates mixture,
//so Jesus should be 50 50. My wife uses this rational thinking as proof that
//I am emotionally retarded. Now I coming to understand.
//you can be both godly and human at the same time.
//perhaps this is what we see in smart dolphins:
//100% dolphinic and 100% human

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