Wednesday, November 14, 2018


For sale this Esoteric Friday, 11/23/2018, are four new SHBOBO SHTARS. This instrument is a lot of work to get right, but I wanted to challenge myself to bring new users to it, at HALF PRICE!

Since I machine the acrylic face-plates out of milky plastic and smoky plastic, there are four permutations: smoke/smoke, milk/smoke, smoke/milk, and milk/milk.

The SHBOBO SHTAR is a "Computer Music Persian Tar," respectfully blending the concept of neutral intervals, USB gesture controllers, and everything else you would expect from pieces this beautiful! SHBOBO WEBSITE

Woods include the traditional walnut and mulberry, as well as osage orange, madrone, maple, and catalpa.

My goal was to build them at half price, but there are also some deeper discounts due to cosmetics. All instruments work and play exactly as new, but the smoke/smoke and smoke/milk are discounted 50% AND $200! Details: smoke/smoke has slightly tarnished frets because I was still learning how to solder stainless steel correctly, smoke/milk has a re-calibrated tailpiece because of an offset in string alignment but as I said it plays perfect.

Included in the package are extra bridges of various plastic colors, and an extra-long USB cable. Shipping is $25 in US and $35 outside.

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