Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Shbobo Fish Class Hierarchy PAINTING

Well, there it is, the class hierarchy for a complete re-write of Shbobo Fish. The language shall continue to be C++ and JUCE is the interface, but I'd like to add support for lisp scripting, so there are four types of basic atoms now: crock and fish as in the original Fish, but now it adds "fiberglass" boat and tank. More on that later. Basically, she has a generic recipe in front of her, out of organic and also in-organic ingredients. Her holograph continues into the room, with different recipes.

Julia Child, if you look in her media image, often has an "ecole des gourmands" badge, as well as a golden chain necklace. I would like to use this badge as a metaphor for the generic list of ingredients, the ecole, with grub-like, ambiguous shapes contained within. They are the computer music opcodes. The necklace chain represents an evolution of the original Gwonzer, to support multiple Shbobo devices (shnth and shtar). Two-way communication (asynchronous/simulcast) is a priority.

I brightened the exposure of this screenshot to reveal the "Garcon" who stands not-off-camera, beyond the wood-frame door. He receives commands from the OS through his cigarette, and distributes them, managing windows.

I promise to not procrastinate on the software anymore, now that this bogus painting-meditation is over!


  1. this sounds very interesting
    the two way communication sounds like a dream come true
    I've just been pondering buying a second shnth
    if they are able to communicate that would be outstanding
    of course I could just be misunderstanding what your are saying :)

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