Friday, September 29, 2017

Quantus Barney: Secluded Residence @ Radio Shack, Part VIII

The following was transcribed from the language of the deer tick brain computer. Think of it not as English, but a system of gears and mechanisms: instincts not unlike a sophisticated FPGA parallel computer. It's much cuter, and alive though. It has feelings and emotions, desires and hungers. Let's enter its brain for a moment to empathize with that.

My two emotions are thrilled and rest.

I am cool, it is dark, it is cool, it was night. I am under a leaf, I am comfortable at home, and growing. I'm a big boy.

Hark, blobs of pink flesh approach, accompanied by a hairy, leaner love. I love the smell of dog; my leather, under a warm canopy; my cup of wine.

The pink gloves are moving in my temple. Huge white beam is tilting away. My eyes do not comprehend. I am activated by vibrations in my house.

Walking around, crawling on the dry leaf, now I feel the sun on my back; it warms the remaining blood in my stomach and fertilizes my thoughts.

Wolf wolf wolf. I jump in the air, feel the wind on my flat body. I am oxygenated. My eyes are oxygenated. I can see the dog below me.

I am so lucky to be a modern tick, who can fly from a dry leaf and land on a clean and rich dog field. I can walk around and see the hair, the pink underwear!

I dig my head in, my eyes are pink light. My brain is going blank. My head is surrounded in pink glove. I commune with dog.

The blood fills me, my brain is sleeping. I dream in the language of the spirochete. It is a coil which unwinds to slide through my fangs.

I dream of this blood my wine, as it lives in the dog and interfaces with its brain. Excited to create splash art in my natural medium of dog blood, my coil becomes a lance that penetrates to the vein. I will give this dog the gift of sadness, and sleep and sore joints.

Like the tick that bore me, I too will rest in the shade of a bloody liver; I will coil up again, tight like a cyst and wait, resonating my own thoughts into the dog's brain.

My two emotions are penetrate and disappear.
The tick and I get along very well.

The Dog has now contracted Lyme's disease
Since he already was a stoner, he will still live a long life coping with this disease. It may hurt more, and Quantus will be puzzled why his dog has become slower. This is a portal to create trippier writing and psychedelic storytelling from the viewpoint of the dog.

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