Saturday, February 18, 2017

Abiotic Probiotic by Petroleum Bottle

Had a dream, vis. the Soviet theory of abiotic petrogenesis @ Akademgorod.  Faced with the final, inevitable demise of oil reserves, U.S. hires a Soviet theorist to check the old theory that petroleum is not dinosaur bones but actually a natural process underground which only needs jump-starting.  To jump-start, I went to a now derelict derrick in the desert, and using the tube connection to deep underground, I poured in the $2 coffee I just bought, as well as the head of my best friend Daniel (he had two).  Several hundred years hence, when the derrick had receded into an underground chambre surrounded by expectant Soviet chemists, I addressed them: "What you see here is an experiment in petrogenesis.  I have poured my coffee and severed head of my best friend here into this well in the hopes that, without dinosaur corpses, we can kickstart the process of petrogenesis deep underground using the natural heat of the Earth's core."

Refer to: Rudolph Steiner's use of cow head in brewing probiotic wine...

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