Monday, December 12, 2016

Sidrazzi Alumina Festivibus

For the holiday of Festivus, the Polish workman at Ciat-Lonbarde has assembled these six Sidrazzi Alumina.
  • My tribulation was to build these aluminum organs with wood. 
  • My grievance is that politics does not have enough body without organs.
sidrazzi alumina festivibus
The aluminum refers to the sacred metal of festivus, while warm brass nodes electrify the back side. The sidrazzi is a distinctively non-secular non-gift for this most secular of sacred times. Truly spiritual.
rogue president wanders holy lands beside arbitrary organ
The main organ of a president is his military and missiles. The sidrazzi was designed as a portable sidrassi–a parlor organ for aristocrats to sound random melodies and emperors to lead noise invasions. The red buttons press a military sound effect and release arbitrary pitch settings. Musical violence: totally failing!

big knob
The president's organ must have a big knob. He said so himself.  Actually we're redacting that. We want it to have a big knob but not that big (it didn't look good). Special edition of six.

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