Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Microcottage @ Connecticut attic

 A microcottage is an entity, constructed for the purpose of cottage industry.
It will appropriate unused space, such as this unheated attic with asbestos floor tiles...  It has a skylight for day work, no water, so it must be brought up.
 The soldering and prototyping area consists of found lawn furniture and other student items, a fan, storage of components and circuit boards, and glue!
Micro cottage now has a cnc machine for rapid construction of quality wood items.  It is a Probotix, run by mach3 on XP.   The code is generated programmatically in Ruby.
 A programming area with various wood species scattered.
 Inside the dust room, you can see various stocks leaning against the wall.  Ciat Lonbarde uses the laminated hardwoods technique to achieve maximum stability and stripiness.
Bed for dog naps and consulting with health insurance professionals.

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