Monday, September 30, 2013

Sidrax and axe

Just finished a big work: updating the sidrazzi organ to become the "sidrax" shown in the bottom of the picture.  Its syntax is similar to the "tetrax" which has 6 bananas for each bar:
  • two orange outputs represent a voltage readout of the push and pull exerted on the bar.
  • two green inputs are the glitchifiers for each oscillator
  • one blue input is fm modulation for each oscillator
  • one red output is the triangle wave output for each oscillator
In addition, there are gray inputs on the sidrax: one for each knob master pitch and master chaos.  The chaos response is updated to be more subtle, with many grains and whirlpools on the way to complete noise.  Each bar now has the long desired, simple slider pitch control rather than a button.  This allows a lot more control of the individual tones and also to set up situations where there is a composed arrangement of low and high tones.

Also pictured, in the middle, is the new "axe" which can be a combination of tet, sid, and on and on, to make one nice self contained organ, like in church!


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