Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Packaging Videos
 Through my son watching YouTube, I have become aware of a massive leviathan trend, that of the "opening candy packages" format. Go ahead and search it. It's not commercials for products at all, just this weird kind of candy fans, usually adults, who feel the need to document the ripping of mylar skin and breaking virginity of foils and tubes, like digital trophies, memories of a primal experience of opening intestinal cavities and having sweetmeats that spill out.

You have major personalities, like Teraminato or Leokimvideo, who really like to talk and show off experiments and flashy editing for their purchases.  I think it is a livelihood for them.  Then you have the mellower, hand actors, who like to talk in a hushed voice while displaying the chocolate and candies tumbling out.  The best ones though, are the anonymous hand actors who don't speak.  Some even wear white gloves.  These "instrumental" package openers do a lot of model trains and little model thingies too.  Like special edition "eggs" with a figurine embedded within.

"tarou yamada"
 OK, now that you know what I'm talking about, and maybe you've watched a few, why am I talking about this meme?  Well first of all it's not really a meme, more like a subconscious drift to want to hear the packaging and see it opened in a controlled, almost scientific setting.  For the pure videos, which feature the sound only of the packaging, I realize the wonderful relationship between the microphone of the camera and the object at hand.  The little cameras have perfect fidelity for these sounds: they are actually very fine grained and high frequency, suitable for a small mike.  We all know that mylar generates ultrasound.  The hidden allure of these videos is how they document all the little sounds of the pedestrian:
  •  jostling and scrunching a mylar bag
  •  little shakes of chalky candies in a paper tube
  • the sound of fruit lozenges on a crystal plate
  • aluminum foil stripped from a hollow body of chocolate
  • gum papers folded according to directions to make a party favor
  • an off camera narrator sampling the candy and sucking it stalkingly 
  • fumbling with collector tins and their incidental sounds
  • styrene: like the sound of crisp fruits, but modernly corn syruped

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