Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nine Images from Costa Rica

This winter, we went to Costa Rica to attend the wedding of Pau and Travis Johns.  Thinking I would get some good pictures, I put a new, 32 megabyte card into my camera.  Severiano informed me, at the hotel, that this card was new for about ten years ago, and that it would only hold less than ten pictures total!  Meeting the challenge, I chose to delete pictures often, and mentally caption each one that was saved.  Here are my results, first from Don Carlos.

 Don Carlos hotel in San Juan is a synthesis of jungle and castille.  The natives, symbolized by mushroom masks, have moved into the lobby.
 Here is gentle patron Don Carlos, in the green fluorescent light of the tourist office.
The wrought iron of old spain hangs above a mayan native who is either trepanned or shot in the head.

 I'm telling your son to drink wine.

 Animation by smudge mark: trees on pencil drawing of melting house, Don Carlos, San Juan.

With the newly weds and also Jean Luc's daughter.

 With fashionista's Leif Shack and Erika California

A "basilisk" in the rainforest lodge Selva Verde

A baby with flower, volcano lodge cool pool, Silencio del Campo

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