Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Baked

Just Baked: Tetrax Organ
Sounds exactly like the famous "Tetrazzi":
four operators, with two timbre controls
and two chaos controls too.

The new features here are, of course,
the more compact design, but also
some important philosophicals:
the olde scroll buttons r eliminated;
now individual pitches are controlled
precisely with 60mm slide pots.

Another new mod that was heralded by
many users requests, is the "graynput bananas".
These modulate the master parameters
which are also set by the gray knobs.

The banana patch matrix is now
on the face of the instrument. 
it is optional to be made as touchnodes
but here's a quick trick:
why not strip banana jacks bare
and insert them into select colors,
to create the same sort of
touchable/circuitbendable phenomenon.
BTW, that is why the pattern of colors
is quilted: to expose maximum chaos
when touched circuit bendingwise.

Here's how the batteries work:
They are builtin, and rechargeable.
When you plug in to the wall 
with a 2.1mm 12 volt DC adapter,
they charge up!  With the batteries,
you can always "wing it" on stage,
or if you work in the woods.
You may order sans batteries.

There is a unique, two part power design that 
makes the final signal very clean,
like abstract triangles in space.
To hear the "tetrazzi sound",
participate in the youtube videos
by typing the following into your browser:

Note that the tetrax you order,
it will look like the one with the rice pudding.
Not looking like the ones on youtube.
Wood selection may vary.

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