Friday, December 28, 2012

Previous Duosk

T'artist's studio:
i am a toymaker
but please don't order duosks.
the age of handcarved is soon over.
treasure the vintage, the big, the mulberry.

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  1. The Dousk is a beautiful instrument, near perfection if you ask me, and I will forever treasure mine. Personally, it is has changed my perceptions of music making. Every second with it opens a new door. An incredible sonic easel. I was surprised you built the one I have. It was a wild idea that was in my imagination, and you were a dream maker. I am not surprised you have decided to move on from making them though. Especially with the Shnth on the horizon.

    I am glad you gave it a name though, such a piece of art, even from somebody who calls himself a toymaker, deserves such.