Tuesday, October 2, 2012


People and their cars.  People and their goddamn cars.

This morning, whilst walking my son to the anarchist church to get some singalong, we were thoroughly dusted by partially combusted petroleum distillates, from engines ground down by habitual use.  I should note that I throw rocks at myself for my own "driving in the truck".  But a pedestrian should not be stoned by these things, no?

And then, at the museum/university complex, we encounter the smell of chemical fertilizer and then the dirty engines of the landscapers' leaf blower and lawnmower.

The reliance on petroleum comes from poverty, and I mean both kinds economic and spiritual.  The anarchist church is a source of spirit, but so is the museum.  It is a place of respite from the pressures of the world.

How come you can spend millions of dollars on restoring, preserving, and moving art, this key to the spiritual, but you can't figure out how to preserve the environment around the museum by eliminating petroleum from the grounds?

I know that Joseph Buoys would approve some sort of remediation involving animals.  It's easy.  We all know that the White House originally had sheep on the lawn, and that was the natural lawnmower.  That's the history of lawns; they were not always petroleum products!

The piece of art and a wonderful promotional event is to construct pens for goats, sheep, and other ruminants, enclosing the diverse areas of lawn around the museum.  The pens can be built by various artists/artisans from the Baltimore local area.  The smaller islands of grass, bordering roads, need higher fences and smaller ruminants such as pygmy goats.

Note that the landscapers' jobs are not in jeopardy here; they are transformed to a more eclectic duty of animal maintenance and pragmatic weeding.  Further performance art events come from the ritual slaughter of livestock coinciding with gallery openings, etc.

We don't have time anymore to talk about the "botanical racism" of old style, colonial plantings that prevent a native and natural permaculture from developing.  However, eliminating petroleum is a good first step.

By Petroleum Bottle

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