Saturday, September 29, 2012

Data @ Modern Wing

In baited anticipation of the reopening of the modern wing
@ BMA, Baltimore Museum of Art,
I have installed this piece of concept collage
in my study.

And from it, I can begin coining
product/marketing ideas for the museum.

This inductive concept leads me to recommend:
Data is the only medium for modern artists.
Performance art, if you think about it, is just Data, 
for it uses no canvas, no clay, just maybe a costume
and some powder for one's face.  But mostly the
performance is delivery of a "code".

The modern wing should feature Data art 
by young Warholees.
The sound of data,
of course, data vision,
and perhaps, the smell of data?

Warhol would've loved the icon of 
Mister Data, and the representation
of cultural factory inherent in his
"positronic matrix".

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