Friday, July 27, 2012

Give Moore's Law a Boost: Eliminate Graphics

I am reminded of what Mark Twain the secret of Modern English is, and was, more than a century ago: "eliminate adjectives".  Sometimes I rephrase it as "eliminate spurious adjectives" to be the paradoxical solipsist ad linguam that i am. 

What does "eliminate adjectives" mean, especially in investigative reporting?  Essentially, my eighth grad English teacher showed us that active verbs are the essence of truthful prose.  Adjectives introduce subjectivity, as in the writer thinks so and so is sad, or righteous, or bluesy.  Get rid of this sensory stimulation, and go for the facts, man.

A devotion to sonic displays.  Using an Arm Cortex to synthesize sound can give a user as much information as staring at a display, but without the wasted energy of backlighting, and rendering, both which contribute to environmental heat as well as personal heat.  Thus the environmental statement is "through sound, reduced emissions". 

Do we really need graphics in a world full of visual stimulation already?  It's like how Mark Twain asked it, do we need so many adjectives?


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