Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Thought I had already uploaded this.  It is from the papers associated with producing "LABORATORY ROOLZ-GEWEI".  Oh now I know where I uploaded it: on that synth's facebook page!  Yes, it is the phirst synth to have a "FACE" on "FACEBOOK".  Now, this image is about the dichotomy between Drum and Drama, as seen in the overt flesh of Male and Female.  Against a backdrop of the sea- CD4015 silicon topology (dimensions may differ, contact your sales office) for an 8 stage shift register.  He projects his boogy board, and his tattoos.  He is- CD4013, dual flip flop.  She- a CD40106 hex schmitt inverter.  Look closely.  These wonderful little black and white labyrinths are actually the lithography print for silicon chips.  These images are from the older, Texas Instruments data sheets, which actually tried to give you a picture of what the chip looks like "on the inside".  I thought of them as sort of "tattoos" for signal flow.  Tommy Lee came in when I saw a Youtube video of him talking about electronic music "drum machines".  Well, Roolz is a drum machine; so let's appropriate tommy into this, and see how it ties into drama, by introducing Pamela, the object of desires, the source of hexing.  These three chips- the background sea 4015, the tommy lee 4013, and the pamela 40106 hex, are used in the Roolz-Gewei drum machine, they make up his "FACE".  Note they all start with 40, which means they are part of the classic, "4000 series" of logic chips, from the 20th century: 4000_series

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