Thursday, April 26, 2012

Laboratory Roolz Gewei (LABROLZ)

Just completed the gerber files for a new instrument:
Laboratory Roolz-Gewei.
Actually the Labrolz is not a new instrument, but based on a history of older instruments, starting with a paper circuit villagio of drum machines named "Rolz-5".  It then went through a baroque period as "Roolz-Gewei", who is also the first synth to be a "face" on Facebook.  The baroque Roolz-Gewei combined the Rolz-5 drum machine, now built on circuit board, with two "deerhorns" (radiosonic instruments).  Now the baroque Roolz-Gewei is laboratorized, with standard voltage control for all parameters, full analog math, and control voltage for the rhythm-rolz too.   Labrolz's name is "Fox-Whale" in Asia.  This refer's to Labrolz's dialectic between being a "Drum Machine" and a "Drama Machine".  Whether Fox is Drum, or Whale is Drama?  Here is the card written to Baroque customers at the beginning of the design period:


  1. Baroque Roolz-Gewei cru represent!

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