Thursday, March 15, 2012


When you are young, you have lots of brain cells.
When you are old, you have strong thought patterns.

A fore xample is in architecture. If you look at the Pyramids, you are stricken at how many slaves had to die to move all those stones into such a simple geometrical pattern. So simple, its almost baby like, to make a pyramid and not a tetrahedron. The platonic solid is more of an adolescent idea, strong in dogma. Now you get to 2012, when we are "old". Take this city building, rectangular, and easily built of glass and steel and other modern materials. In fact I would wager that no slaves had to die in its construction! You see, in Ancient Egypt, slaves were like the many wonderful cells who had to die to understand geometry. But this skyscraper is a nice, strongly designed pattern, which can even withstand earthquakes. Our slaves may not be many in 2012, but we have good design!

Buildings in the city amplify natural some natural sounds, like the songs of bird. You see, in the countryside, a bird is a single event, expanding spherically into the horizon of trees, eventually getting lost in the folds of the land. But in the city, these glass walls create a digital delay for birds, a bird-wave-guide, a trisleogism.

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