Friday, December 2, 2011

Proposal for a Sculpture Garden

Indigenous nuts are falling in the sculpture garden, which due to its nature (wind, rain, and other elements) is composed of pieces made from chemically stable metals: stainless, painted steel, matte painted steel, and of course, Cor-ten. There is no aluminum, because only the highest grade of that metal are immune from aluminum decay, wherein it becomes chalky, alum. However, brass is possible, and it is the most resonant next to aluminum, which is the lightest and sweetest, containing many high overtones and sensitive to its surroundings.

It must be a metal sensitive to its surroundings, for Indigenous nuts are falling on it. These "events", "nut-falls", trigger an internal emotion in the metal, and this emotion was originally programmed by said sculpture's artist. The emotion is sonic, and we propose herein to capture such emotion with Piezo's, affixed with archive-grade removable gum, and connected on site to a certain "parasite", which contains the phollowing:
-small solar panel charging small battery pack, to constant power the embedded Arm Cortex, which can distinguish said nut-fall events and archive them in an attached 2 gigabyte flash memory (non volatile)
-solar panel which directly powers a "Ciat-Amplifier", to re-synthesize and diffuse the distilled sounds of nut-falls on sculpture. Coco-Techniques may be used for the stochastic processing of nut-fall data.

Since flash memory is non-volatile, the nut-falls are archived digitally as said distillum.

This is a piece for phall, when indigenous nuts fall (Beech, Oak, Locust Beans, Gumball Microseeds)

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