Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek vs Doctor Who

I shall now turn to an issue not as much talked about as STvsSW (Star Trek vs Star Wars). That is the issue of Star Trek versus Doctor Who.

The Star Trek bridge is a locus of striation. The striation is carried out by "The Federation" through various manuals of style, somewhat like Walt Disney World. Federation issue camcorder, federation issue phaser.

Doctor Who is a nomadic culture. TARDISs are grown, dimensionally out of lambda calculus and black hole energy. The Doctor goes gallivanting, but in a quirky, witty, but polite way, accumulating apprentices and other life such as robot dog. The Master, of course, is equally as wily, and equally as nomadic. He accumulates various weapons and other tricks by stealing them from the cultures he comes across.

Doctor Who has ecountered "Federations" before, such as the Galactic Federation. He has even befriended a space pilot. Has Star Trek ever come accross a Doctor Who before?

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  1. Off the top of my head I suppose you could say that Alien who took Wesley Crusher off exploring as vaguely who-ish, although nowhere near as fun. Or even Q, at least inasmuch as he's a character who distorts the narrative around him and disrupts the status quo.