Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wolf->Software Diagram 4 JUSTINTS

I often phantasize, after an afternoon of dreaming about abstract multi-dimesnes shapes, that I should put on my white tuba-player's beret, stand up with a brush, and paint a canvas. I automatically see the dark Netherland's cabins and inns with red-nosed sinistrums created by the pallete of the time- the burnt siennas, carbon blacks, and a spot of lead white where needed.

And a design is furnished by the idea behind JUSTINTS at SHBOBO. It is there to explain "Mr. P's" relationship to the outer worlds of silicon valley and to the historical structure of Just Intonation, symbolized by a nice gothic obelisk.

Driven by my phantasy, I ring up the art supply store and ask them if they're open. I love calling the art supply store, because it is like foreplay to going and, in my imagination, buying a LOT of paints, oily sticks, organic feeling canvas, oils of trees, turpentine, pine, minerals from the ground. I love materials! I see myself after this artistic buying mission, as halfway between Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Pollock, feverishly applying paint to my visions.

Then my wife says she has a headache and I can't go anywhere.

It's OK and I love when I can't do this painting phantasy, because I suck at painting anyway. But I'm good at downloading phree softwayre! GIMP, truly free, stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it runs on Mac OSX, my wife's operating system. Also utilized, for the phlow charts, were google docs, the built in drawing program. And of course, Google Sketchup is great for putting exactly the right obelisk in.

When I saw this obelisk on Google 3DWarehouse, it was perfect. And extra credit that it's actually a TARDIS!

So, no buying paint this time, but I did get the best painting subject out of Wolf, shirtless, with a beer and a sax-strap. Here he is, the Wolf in the swirling darkness of oily light. A little bit of GIMP brush-stroke plugin, and our "digital oil painting" is complete.

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