Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abstract Gay Poem for John Berndt, on his birthday

I like how you sit in front-row,
your hair in an ambiguously dry flop,
lips puffed askance the projection screen,
legs extended into the performance area,
for shows that you approve of,
or curated.


  1. dear mr. christian-with-a-view, i am too, in fact my middle name is christian. the god-shard is in all of us (Dick). by Dick, no i don't mean the body member, but Phillip K Dick, he wrote "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer" and "VALIS". i also like Drunvalu Melchezedek, for his writings on egyption initiation ceremonies and their relation to sacred geometry. did you know the new testament is based on ancient egyption sun mythology? the best cap up on this is called "Zeitgeist", it is a free film on the internet. and to cap it up, on a totally secular level, 2012 is right around the corner. get thine spirit ready and memorize all thine word docs, for our satellites will be burnt away to be replaced by new "gray" satellites. i bet you really liked "apocalypto" by Mel Gibson, what a story, the christians and the aztecs, the spanish motivations of strict constructivism.

    my friend is a mixture of hindu and muslim, and sometimes we go to the theosophical society together. i like your use of UPPERCASE and increasingly larger fonts on your blog. cheerio