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I would like to clear up some information about Micro-Cephaly. My baby boy has a medium-large sized head, and there is a lot of talk as to whether he will be smart because of that. I stopped myself in Target the other day, almost commenting to a different family that their baby's head was way smaller than my baby's head. Why did I stop myself from saying this? My friend, Carson, points out that small heads may be able to think just as much, and I concur, because there is extensive research in nano-technology out there.

But let's go back and see some of the roots of Micro-Cephaly, and our prejudice that it makes baby's less smart.

Rudolf Steiner will be our main source for this discussion. He was a 19th century mystical thinker, founder of spiritual science. Follower of intuitive botanical scientist Goethe, he pointed out that we are morphologically just like plants, only upside down; our brains are like root material and our limbs are like, well, the limbs of a tree.

Flip to "Answers to Questions, Mammoths to Mediums". BTW Steiner's best work is arguably in the "alsorts" books, where he flits around from topic to topic, rather than his "focused" works, such as the lectures on Archangel Michael.

The discussion is about pregnant mothers who eat a lot of potatoes, and I quote:

"If we were to eat the fruit of potatoes we would actually be taking poison, a fatal poison... So the situation is that the potato does not permit us to eat it the way we eat lentils, beans, peas, and so on, or grains like rye and wheat. So what do we eat of the potatoe? Something which is down below- the tuber. And tubers are the part of all plants- roots and so on- that is digested least in the intestines. Fruits are digested in the intestines. But we can't eat the fruit of potato plants. The tuber we eat is not a proper root but a thickened stem... So when we eat potato it gets into the stomach, into the intestines. There it cannot be digested right away but now goes up undigested with the blood. Instead of getting up there nicely like rye and wheat which are then immediately sent down into the body, the potato first needs to be digested up there in the brain... if we eat potato bread, or just potatoes, we find that the head must first work to digest the potato."

basic premise: that roots are used to nourish the head, and fruits are used for the body. but, unfortunately, a potato is neither a root or fruit. It is a tuber, which is morphologically like a tumour. When pregnant moms eat so many cooked tumors, their baby's heads become Hydro-cephs inside the womb. This means they have big heads, but filled with water, like a tumour. When they come out of the womb, they are squeezed back down, and because the brain was not nourished, now it is a Micro-ceph. You can see the squeezing effect on a micro-ceph, by the odd molding of its head from the birth canal, causing cone-heading, cube-heading and other shapes.

"Now if the head has to be used to digest potatoes, it can no longer think, for it needs its energies to be able to think, and the lower body must provide the energy needed for digesting potatoes"

Again, potatoes are like a dead end, they nourish neither head nor body.

"The situation is, therefore, that thinking has indeed grown less and less in Europe from the moment when potatoes became a staple food."

You can see that micro-ceph was a big worry in Europe... When we look at Chinese babies with HUGE heads, we think instinctively, from this sub-conscious mythology, that they are ultra-smart, child prodigies. Now, I'm not saying they're stupid, but remember, its not size that counts.

"Seasonings act on the front of the head just as salts do... people become entirely rational ... But the potato does not have quite a special connection with the mind and spirit. It has really made human minds materialistic."

True enough, although salts make us materialistic in a way too...

"As I told you, if the astral body also sleeps during the day and is not able to work properly, a potbelly develops- fat. And if someone only does intellectual work in his head, using his rational mind, fat is deposited in that case as well. If I merely give [the astral body] potatoes, the energies remain up there in the head and the individual grows emaciated, weak, with his astral body unable to work properly. "

Here's some mechanics. Remember, the potato is not a root, so it does not have the true Rhizomal Morphic Resonance, rather something similar, a Tuberous Resonance. The astral body primarily works with resonances- intellectual resonances, lazy resonances- and the Tuberous Resonance adds to these effects.

"Now we may ask: 'what is done in science?' Well, analyses are made to establish how much carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and other things a protein contains... But this will get us nowhere...one has to know that when we eat a flower or a fruit this is digested in the intestines, whilst a root is digested in the head."

Same materials as in whole foods broccoli. That's not the problem, the amount of vitamins. Scientists have the same Catch-22 that Organ-makers have. They are so busy with their work that they actually are consumed by it, and they eat fast food: potatoes. i.e. they're methodology becomes tuberous and lazy, materialistic. They are concerned only with the amount of base elements. They forgot the poetry of Goethe, the idea of the ur-pflant, morphic resonance, and what it means for the parts of plants they study. BTW the Catch-22 that Organ-makers have is that they are so busy with their work that they put lead pipes in their mouths- they have been consumed by the lead-work of musical organs.

"Roots boiled in water, which is then offered as a tea, can have a medicinal effect in the head...

Valerian, Ginseng, Snakeroot, Barberry Root. Remember ginger is like a potato- a tuber, although ginger is better because its essence is not poison.

"When we eat potatoes, we really get a longing to eat something again quite soon ... Someone who eats a lot of potatoes does not get powerful thoughts; ..."

Constant pursuance of materials and salts, handed down from mommy's blood in the womb.

"You're unlikely ever to hear from a pulpit what people should do where a diet of potatoes or wheat is concerned, so as to be strong ..."

Church likes potato heads.

"But when one knows that everything depends on the spiritual realm one also knows that eating potatoes or not eating potatoes depends on the spiritual realm"

But we need to be spiritually buffered to protect us from tuberous resonance.

"Social conditions also depend on making the right use of our fields and not growing more potatoes than people can cope with and still grow strong ..."

Well, there you have it. A discussion on micro-cephaly, hydro-cephaly, and tuberous resonances. Thank you, gentlemen and women.

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