Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baltimore Maxim

Hey All
First on the table, proposal to keep old Baltimore motto, "Baltimore : Believe", and instead of replacing it, add a Baltimore maxim that states "Baltimore : Barcelona". This post is dedicated to John Berndt for making scatology available for me, and Twig James Johnston Harper who encouraged me with my wacky ideas. This one came from the back of a "Barcelona" brand yogurt trail nut mix, which stated "Barcelona Nut Co., Baltimore Md". Literally this is a proposal by a nut case! But it kindof works. Please see our Westside Masonry company as evidence that Gaudi's spirit is alive and well here in Baltimore.

BTW I found a circuit board manufacturer out here in Balt. Procyon has an awesome website, and it is run by "Seniors out on Jolly Road, Baltimore"... Awesome. And they don't use chemicals, rather they do it with a precision machine router. Thus they don't do the quantity that I need with Ciat-Lonbarde...

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